The innovative
method for
studying the law

The pleasure of a book and the reliability
of a database in a single App.
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The innovative method for studying the law
Your codes always with you

Your codes
always with you

Keep every law in your bag
in handy books you can flip through,
always updated in real time.

Your codes always with you

Time traveling with the law

You can compare text in different periods of validity on the convenient
time-line, at the touch of a finger, in just a few moments and without writing dates.

Timeline articoli

Barra Timeline

Anni Timeline

Your codes always with you

No more limited
space for
taking notes

The extreme precision of the pen on the display revives the experience of writing on paper. Thanks to the innovative patented system, it is possible to create space between one article and another in order to write long texts at will.

Your codes always with you

The innovative codes that "change
only in the parts that actually change"

Laws update in real time, but they keep all your notes
on the articles that have not changed.

The Comments


Your personal notes will remain private,
but you can share comments with the community
and select the most authoritative contributors
you want to follow.
In a single gesture, at your
fingertips, your commented codes.

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We are professionals who believe it is possible to study, even today, starting from the principle and not from the commentary. When the frenzy of daily work has taken away the material possibility of studying to the depth that we would like, we sought a solution that simplified life without sacrificing quality. To do this, we teamed up with a group of incredible IT developers. Now the solution is available to everyone. We are sure that we have done a great favor to all those professionals who, like us, believe in quality... because if we don't help each other, it is not always easy to make a difference.
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